13th September 2020

Welcome to this weeks Virtual Service, brought to you by Rev David Burt.

13th September 2020



🎶 O God of Bethel



📖 Exodus Chapter 14 Vs 19 – 31
📖 Matthew Chapter 18 Verse 21 – 36


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Let us pray
God of grace,
your love created the universe,
and all that it contains.
Earth, air, fire, and water
the traditional ‘elements’ of all life.
Every part of creation made from the same
tiny atoms of life-giving energy.
Each one made with love.

You give us so much more than we deserve,
and you ask only that we love you in return.
You give us free will,
which allows us to choose
to say yes or no to your love.
Merciful God, forgive us,
for those times we chose to say no,
help us desire to say yes.
Father, you promise to forgive us;
to restore our relationship with you
when we turn and say yes to your love.

You invite us into a relationship
and desire us to play our full part in it.
You also ask us to treat the rest of creation as you do,
with love and mercy.
You have given us a great responsibility
over all creation and too often,
over millennia, we have failed to act wisely;
we have been greedy and selfish,
and have forgotten to care and share
all that creation gives us.

Merciful God, forgive us.
Help us to seek to be better co-creators,
and to make the changes we need to
so that our world can flourish as it should.
Your son, Jesus, has left us the example
we can choose to follow.
Give us courage to want to choose his path.
In his name, we pray.


Holy and loving God, we come into your presence today
seeking to fully understand your mercy in our life
and challenged to share your mercy in the lives of others.
How quick we are to judge others and fail to forgive them.
How quick we are to expect forgiveness from others.
Lord we are far from perfect,
so we need your grace to set us free.
Lord in your mercy – Hear our prayers

We offer our prayers today for all who cry out to you the living God.
As Christ heard the pain of the weak and distressed
He offered grace and mercy, peace and hope.
We pray today in Christ’s name that these cries may still be heard
That your Love O God that surpasses all our understanding
May set all your people free.
Lord in your mercy – Hear our prayer

We pray today for all who suffer due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.
Communities experiencing an upsurge in cases and fresh restrictions
Just when we thought we saw light at the end of the tunnel
So darkness threatens once more.
But your light O living Christ is never extinguished
Let your light shine in the lives of the lonely
The upset, the unsure.
The worried and the perplexed.
Lord in your mercy – Hear our prayers

Every merciful God be with the young and the old,
The sick and the healthy,
The living and the dying.
With those who have nothing
And those who have too much.
Lord as we have allowed your world to become divided and unfair
Guide us and equip us to stand for righteousness and truth
Lord in your mercy – Hear our prayer.

In a time of silence we bring our prayers to you
Lord in your mercy – hear our prayers.

To you eternal and loving God we offer our time of worship and prayer
To you Father, Son and Holy Spirit, ever three and ever one
We offer our lives in service and witness
In your mercy set us free to love one another.
Lord in your mercy – hear our prayers

Hear us now as a family we pray:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours,
now and for ever.
Amen .


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